Who Are The ‘History Makers’?

At the Association of Independent Museums (AIM), we help around 1,000 museums in the UK – that is a lot of museums!

Thanks to funding from the lovely people at Biffa Award we have been able to give grants to some of these museums to put on new exhibitions that bring the stories of famous historical people to life so that everyone can learn about them.

We call these people ‘History Makers’ because their inventions and creations helped to shape the world we live in today and you can find out all about them on this website.

Make sure you click on things as you level up throughout the website and watch out for Billie the Bulb who can tell you more about each person…

We hope you enjoy discovering the incredible inventions, daring deeds and interesting ideas that these ‘History Makers’ are famous for.

If you like this website, keep visiting us, because we will be adding more amazing ‘History Makers’ from throughout history soon including Sir Humphry Davy, Joseph & Sarah Paxton, Oliver Cromwell, Annie Besant, Jayaben Desai, Noor lnayat Khan and William Lever.

Billie the Bulb Billie the Bulb
Hi I'm Billie the Bulb, and I am here to guide you through the History Makers website. Thank you AIM and Biffa Award for giving me a home on this website!
Billie the Bulb Billie the Bulb
I've grabbed tons of great information on History Makers click on one below and learn something new! I am having fun; I hope you are too!

Jayaben Desai

Discover more at…
People's History Museum

Gilbert White

Discover more at…
Gilbert White's House and Gardens, Hampshire

Emmeline Pankhurst

Discover more at…
The Pankhurst Centre, Manchester

Noor Inayat-Khan

Discover more at…
CWGC Runnymede Memorial

Joseph and Sarah Paxton

Discover more at…
Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Sir John Hawkshaw and William Barlow

Discover more at…
Clifton Suspension Bridge

Michael Holroyd Smith

Discover more at…
National Tramway Museum

Sir Bernard Spilsbury

Discover more at…
National Justice Museum
Billie the Bulb Billie the Bulb
The fun doesn't stop at the History Makers, take a look at my quiz, if you think you are smart enough! I am curious what you think – try our quiz!

About the project

The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) is charity dedicated to supporting museums and heritage sites across the UK.

Thanks to funding from Biffa Award for our History Makers’ programme, we have created this brand-new website with GRIT Digital that will showcase all funded projects and act as a useful resource for young people studying STEAM subjects.

Museums + Heritage Advisor have kindly acted as a Contributing Third Party for AIM, as an Environmental body, supporting the AIM Biffa Award History Makers Year 4 Grant Scheme.

The website contains interactive elements such as games, quizzes, historic timelines and fun facts and we will be adding more ‘History Makers’ very soon.

If you would like to give feedback, or have any ideas on how we can improve this website, please get in touch!